Working Learners and the National Learning Economy

Most Americans today are “working learners”—those actively engaged in working and learning in order to attain greater economic security and overall life satisfaction. ACT Foundation works to provide these individuals with improved access to relevant learning opportunities, better connections to employers, and more attainable career paths, all of which serve to strengthen performance. The result? A nation engaged in realizing potential, where people are valued for their ability to perform. We call it a National Learning Economy.

ACT Foundation believes working learners are becoming the economic engine of the National Learning Economy, as older businesses and industries evolve, and newer ones emerge to take advantage of a more mobile and innovative workforce.

Working Learner Advisory Council

The Working Learner Advisory Council will serve as a direct voice for working learners, allowing ACT Foundation to better assess the challenges this group faces. Valuable insight from the council will guide ACT Foundation’s efforts to develop the best strategies and approaches to support working learners in their individual journeys to success.

Nominate someone to be a voice

We are no longer accepting nominations for this round.